The Story Behind Banksy

article about artSearch Arts & Actions Journal articles from 2003 to 2010. 7 If the offender breaches an activity prohibition order or a contact prohibition and exclusion order or if he fails to adjust to the associated probation help, or if such assistance cannot be provided or is now not required, the competent authority shall submit a report back to the court docket or the manager authority.

6 If the necessities for an unsuspended custodial sentence are fulfilled due to the new offence and if this coincides with the rest of the sentence that must be executed by the recall to custody, the court shall impose a cumulative sentence in software of Article 49 a. The rules on parole once more apply to this sentence.

5 If the individual concerned has been convicted of the offence overseas and if the sentence imposed overseas has been partly served, the court shall take the half served under consideration within the sentence to be imposed. 2 Any physician who fails to report the termination of a pregnancy to the competent authority in accordance with Article 119 paragraph 5 is liable to the same penalty.

If the offender is so significantly affected by the immediate penalties of his act that a penalty would be inappropriate, the responsible authorities shall refrain from prosecuting him, bringing him to courtroom or punishing him. Finally, artists are entrepreneurs by default, and embracing the non-artistic features of the enterprise is crucial to success and growth.