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article about artSearch Arts & Activities Journal articles from 2003 to 2010. 1 Penalties revised by No II 1 of the FA of 19 June 2015 (Modification to the Legislation on Legal Sanctions), in force since 1 Jan. 1 Inserted by No I of the FA of 24 March 2006 (Revision of the Legislation on Sanctions and the Register of Convictions), in pressure since 1 Jan.

I want to commit more time as a result of it’s a good technique to sustain with and see the work of different artists. 1 Except the regulation expressly offers otherwise, a person is just liable to prosecution for a felony or misdemeanour if he commits it wilfully.

2 If the offender acts for his personal or for an additional’s illegal achieve, he’s liable to a custodial sentence not exceeding five years or to a financial penalty. 2 If the correct to prosecute the offence would have been time barred had Articles ninety seven and 98 applied, the court could in its discretion impose a more lenient penalty.

2015 (Felony Law on Corruption), in pressure since 1 July 2016 ( AS 2016 1287 ; BBl 2014 3591 ). 1 Any one that unlawfully obtains vitality from an installation that serves to use pure power, and in particular an electrical installation is liable on complaint to a custodial sentence not exceeding three years or to a financial penalty.