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article about artSearch Arts & Activities Magazine articles from 2003 to 2010. 3 The court may cut back the sentence or waive any penalty in respect of an individual who withdraws from carrying out or collaborating in a felony act if the withdrawal of the person concerned would have prevented the completion of the act had it not remained uncompleted for different causes.

4 If a number of of the persons carrying out or taking part in a prison act makes a severe effort to prevent the completion of the act, the court docket might cut back the sentence or waive any penalty if an offence is committed no matter the efforts of that particular person or individuals.

The conduct orders that the court docket or the chief authority may impose on the offender for length of the probationary interval relate specifically to the practice of a career, place of residence, driving motor vehicles, reparation and medical and psychological therapy.

5 The court docket might in the cases in paragraph 3 revoke the suspended sentence or order the recall to custody for the execution of the sentence or measure whether it is critically expected that the offender will commit further offences.